What should gift packing design pay attention to?
Publish Time: 2020-11-23        Author:Yolanda

How to design modern gift packaging design? To say what needs the most packaging, nothing but gifts. From ancient times to the present, people give gifts to others when they are a habit of packaging, so that gifts can wear a "coat", it is more beautiful. Along with the time development, the present packing design also complies with the tide, had more modern characteristics. What are the characteristics of modern gift packaging design? This small series of related knowledge, give you a specific introduction to the five characteristics of modern gift packaging design.

Gift packaging, as an important part of modern packaging design system, has penetrated into all aspects of society. Cultural connotation is the vitality of gift package design. Modern Chinese design industry, which is lagging behind, needs more moisture of culture. Gift package, as a kind of commodity package, should not only fulfill the basic function of packaging, i. e. to protect commodities, transmit commodity information and promote commodities, but also transmit emotional information between people and enhance the positioning of gifts. It is a medium of systematic emotional communication and a bridge of mutual fraternity.

1、 Gift packing is pertinent — there are many kinds of modern gifts. Different gifts should be given for different festivals, occasions, times and objects, which requires that the gift packing should be very specific.

2、 Gift packaging is unique - different gifts are produced in different regions, and each region has its unique personality. In particular, the gift packaging design for some tourist commodities shall highlight the local characteristics or traditional characteristics of its own nationality or region, highlight its local customs and give people a strong exotic style. Usually the more personalized the gift packaging will be more loved by people.

3、 Gift packaging is interesting — gifts are used to convey the mutual feelings between people, especially the gift packaging for young people, must be interesting and thought-provoking. Otherwise, a plain, tasteless and fun-free gift wrapping will not be welcome.

4、 Gift packaging is high-grade - Modern Gift packaging is the main carrier of gifts and a part of gifts. Therefore, it is necessary to choose appropriate packaging materials, structure and decoration design to reflect the exquisite gifts, noble, gorgeous feeling to meet the psychological needs of people to give gifts.

5、 Gift packaging has novelty - obsolete Gift packaging will make people boring, lack of freshness and pleasing purposes. How to design creative gift wrapping? Especially for high technology content of the gift, packaging material selection, technology, style and decoration design should reflect the advanced technology. For example, the three-dimensional packaging, aseptic packaging and anti-theft packaging made by concavoconvex technology can reflect the excellent achievements of science and technology and the superior performance of gifts.

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