New Year gift boxes add to the festivities
Publish Time: 2020-11-23        Author:Yolanda

With the approaching of Christmas and Spring Festival, many shopping plazas, hotel lobbies, various street shops and other holiday decorations, we mainly see Christmas trees, Christmas pendants, Santa Claus, Christmas stockings, Christmas hats, New Year labels, gift boxes and so on. The following Christmas and New Year decorations, made up of gift boxes, are unique and pleasing to the eye.

Similar to the production line of the display, combined with the box of different colors with the gift box, although the static seems to move, giving people more imaginary space.

Colorful gift boxes placed on the conveyor belt, giving a "polite, continuous, to send a non-stop" visual experience.

Are there any presents in the gift box? May I have it?

White pure, colorful jubilation, life is originally rich and colorful, live in the moment, try to live, everything is beautiful.

Life is not a waste of time, can not be extravagant, to have a surplus; life needs to enrich, life needs to have room.

Red, the color of festive, is the basic color of the festival, I wish people every day happy life, jubilant, energetic.

Christmas and New Year's Day, visit friends and relatives, do not forget to share the year's achievements and happiness.

With WeChat, a phone, 5G to the video chat is also convenient, but still need to move more circle of friends, drinking tea chat, friendship forever.

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Labour creates beauty, sweat irrigates achievement, happy life depends on everybody ceaseless effort enterprising.

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