KAKA SENLIN Common Printing Process
Publish Time: 2021-01-28        Author:Yolanda

1、Bronzing: the scientific name is called hot press transfer printing, referred to as heat transfer printing, commonly known as bronzing, hot silver. On the other hand, there is a cold transfer.

2、 UV: UV, UV is the abbreviation, "UV transparent oil" is the full name, is to rely on ultraviolet radiation to dry curing ink. UV is usually the screen printing process, now also has the offset printing UV.

3、 Punching convex and embossing: Technically known as embossing, the process of making the substrate change locally to form a pattern by means of pressure, whereby the metal plate is etched and pressed into the plate and the base plate for compression. Divided into cheap ordinary corrosion version and expensive laser engraving version of the two.

4、 Beer: Guangdong has the pronunciation "turtle", which means die-cutting.

5、 Jin Cong: Just put a layer of glue on the paper, and then sprinkle gold powder on the glue.

6、 YO: It is a spring-like object, mostly made of plastic. It is usually used on the spine of calendars and notebooks, and used for page-turning connection.

7、 Over glue: Press a transparent plastic film on the printed paper, including crystal film, light film and matt film, which are called somewhat differently in many places and are not environmentally friendly. 8、 Pinhole: also known as needle thread, dental floss, is to give the paper pressed out a semi-connected line, usually appear in the opening of the packaging.

9、 Punching: Punching holes in a sheet of paper or N sheets of paper according to the required size, with special punching machines.

10、 Flocking: It is to apply glue to the paper and then apply a layer of material similar to fluff to make the paper look and feel a little bit of flannelette.

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