Knowledge Of Corrugated Board Production
Publish Time: 2021-01-29        Author:Yolanda

KAKASENLIN packaging, bring you some of the corrugated paper plate production of technical questions and answers, take you to understand the corrugated paper packaging production line of specific details!

With the use of carton size more and more widely, carton manufacturers are also more and more, different carton factory has different characteristics. Change fiber direction: Paper fiber is generally parallel to the longitudinal direction, the box after the formation of fiber horizontal direction around the box. Compact cardboard: Select the compression point on the expanded paper fiber to compact the cardboard. The more rigorous the paperboard structure, the greater the strength. High-pressure paperboard forming also helps to extrude more moisture from the pulp, but the key is to make more compact paperboard, improve its compressive strength. Progressive fiber adhesion: before and after papermaking to increase the various chemical crystals in fiber, used to improve fiber adhesion, and then improve the compressive strength of corrugated carton. The enhancers include corn, starch, glue, adhesives, heavy metals, and plastics and urea resins. Double-core board reinforcement: A brief corn starch adhesive carton. How to strengthen a carton A one-degree core paper to be sandwiched in the center of a cross-linked, pressurized, or conventionally strong paper.

Common Failures and Their Solutions during Fluting

1、 The corrugated height is not enough. The cause may be low pressure or temperature, or the paper may contain too much moisture. The solution is to adjust the pressure or roll temperature, or reduce the speed, so that the paper can dry.

2、 The corrugated height is not uniform. Pressed corrugated paper on both sides of the length of different fan. This is due to the corrugated roller parallelism or pressure is not uniform at both ends. If the left corrugated paper is shorter than the right, the left corrugated roller should be properly elevated, otherwise reverse adjustment.

3、 Corrugated paper shall be curled into a cylinder. The main reason is that the temperature difference is too large. Should check up, under the work of the roller heat source, perhaps one of the failure, can be repaired or replaced.

4、 Corrugated paper shall be stuck to the corrugated roller surface. This phenomenon occurs when the temperature of roller surface is too high or the moisture content of base paper is too high. At this time should be adjusted roller surface temperature, so that paper after drying and then corrugated, if not with the roll slot, should be adjusted or replaced.

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