Printing Design of Kraft Paper Handbag
Publish Time: 2021-02-01        Author:Yolanda

Handbags need to be both beautiful and practical. So what should we do at the source?

The printing and design of the handbag are directly related to its quality and service life. We want to grasp this problem from the source, do a good job of printing notes, the customer's needs to be perfect!

First, the ink used in handbag printing is pure water-based system, do not mix ink with alcohol ink and solvent-based ink or add organic solvents in the ink, so as to avoid causing printing quality problems.

Secondly, the printability of ink and wash is affected by printing conditions, surface characteristics of substrate, ambient temperature and humidity, and the storage time of ink and wash.

Third, residues in the printing equipment on the ink as far as possible before the dry rinse clean with water, ink that can not be washed with water can be used for cleaning agent.

Fourth, the volatilization of water in the printing process, will lead to ink viscosity increase and PH value decline, PH value should be controlled in 8.5-9.5, if beyond this range, PH stabilizer can be used to adjust, maintain viscosity and PH value stability.

Fifth, the remaining ink can be printed back in the original bucket and the lid tightly, the next time can be reused.

Sixth, ink storage temperature is the most appropriate 5 ℃ - 50 ℃ Celsius.

Seize the source, thoroughly solve the handbag use in the process of a series of problems! Stop wasting resources!

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